“Our goal is to make recovery from addiction possible; one person, one family, one life at a time.” The POB Chamber is proud to announce The Garrett Kassler Memorial Fund is its new charity partner for 2019-2020. Founded by a local family, the organization is dedicated to helping those affected by the disease of addiction by facilitating support, treatment, resources and awareness.

As a charity partner, the chamber’s role is to create general awareness and raise funds via raffle sales at its events. According to director Lee Kassler, monies raised will be used for (but are not limited to):

– printing detailed literature to help and inform those in need

– co-payments or financial assistance to a medical professional for treatment and support

– transportation to the above ( Uber) etc.

– job seeking aids (resumes etc.)

– clothing If needed

– to provide ongoing training (Narcan) in the community.

The Kassler family is grateful to the POB Chamber for supporting this important cause. For more information and to make a donation, visit www.glkassler.org